Our foundation is quality. The quality of the product is of the highest standard from design, through production to delivery.

We are guided by the principles of slow fashion:

  • Our apparel is made by a supplier who understands the importance of responsible manufacturing, ethical practices and who work closely with their own suppliers to ensure fair labor conditions and environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain. They ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022.
  • Our packaging tubes are made using FSC certified, recycled, compostable, and natural ally biodegradable materials. They are plastic free, recyclable and reusable. They are food contact safe so you can use them again to store coffee beans or fine powders etc
  • Our stand up pouches are eco compostable which makes them completely break down in the proper composting environment. They are also designed to keep moisture and oxygen out so can be reused for safe food storage.
  • Our apparel is printed using water based inks. When printing is finished, clean up is done using water, reducing the eco footprint. 
  • Our apparel also feels much softer, nicer to touch and wear than the average t-shirt.
  • Lastly, the timeless design and handmade typography featured on our apparel is intended to look better with age and takes on it's own unique typographic life through wear and washing.